Montag, 11. August 2008

VA - Cambridge Folk Festival 2008 (BBC FM) (2 CD)

CD 1:

Cambridge Folk Festival UK
'on stage' performance
BBC various programmes

01 My Manic and I (Laura Marling)
02 Bricks (Tunng)
03 Lighthouse (The Waifs)
04 Orange Sea Salt (Eliza Carthy)
05 Old Virginia Block (Devon Sproule)
06 Je n'ai pas de barbe (Mauvais Sort)
07 Paddys Trip To Scotland (Altan)
08 Love & affection (Joan armatrading)
09 Factory (Martha wainwright)
10 Hurlers and Solomon Burke (Seth Lakeman)
11 John Riley (Judy Collins)
12 In My Fathers place (Eric Bibb)
13 Watermans (Mike McGoldrick)
14 Between the Wars (Billy Bragg)
15 Cold Hailey Rainy Night (Imagined Village)
16 Boatman (Levellers)
17 Sun Coming Over the Hill (Karine Polwart)
18 The Cottagers Reply (Chris Wood)
19 Humours of Tulla (The Chair)

CD 2:

Cambridge Folk Festival
studio performance
BBc various programmes FM flac
August 2008

01 Rivers Run (Karine Polwart)
02 Sorry (Karine Polwart)
03 The Hurlers (Seth Lakeman)
04 Solomon Browne (Seth Lakeman)
05 Jesus and Mary (Martha Wainwright)
06 Five Years Time (Noah Whale)
07 Shape Heart (Noah Whale)
08 See Emily Play (Martha Wainwright)
09 Rambling Man Laura Marling
10 Well-Dressed Son (Devon Sproule)
11 Keep Silver Shining (Devon Sproule)


Eliza Carthy
Judy Collins
kd Lang






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