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Leonard Cohen - BBC Broadcasts 1968 (JWB REMASTER)

BBC Broadcasts 1968
01 You Know Who I Am
02 Bird On The Wire
03 The Stranger Song
04 So Long Marianne
05 Master Song
06 There's No Reason Why You Should Remember Me
07 Sisters Of Mercy
08 Teachers
09 Dress Rehearsal Rag
10 Suzanne
11 Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye
12 Story Of Isaac
13 One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong
14 Bird On The Wire
15 So Long Marianne
16 You Know Who I Am
17 Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye (Duet with Julie Felix)

Tracks 01-13 Recorded Spring 1968 at Paris Theatre, London
Tracks 01-05 Broadcast August 31, 1968 on BBC2 TV ("Leonard Cohen Sings Leonard Cohen"
Tracks 06-13 Broadcast September 7, 1968 on BBC2 TV ("Leonard Cohen Sings Leonard Cohen"
Tracks 14-16 Recorded August 11, 1968 & Broadcast on BBC Radio 1 ("Top Gear with John Peel"
Track 17 Recorded January 27, 1968 & Broadcast on BBC2 TV ("Once More With Felix"

Total Time: 78:14

Sound Quality:
Tracks 01-13: Excellent Mono Soundboard (Possibly from a BBC tape)
Tracks 14-16: Very Good Mono Soundboard (FM Broadcast)
Track 17: Very Good Mono Soundboard (TV Broadcast)

Original Lineage:
Tracks 14-17: "The Golden Voice of Leonard Cohen Vol.2" CD>WAV

Remaster Lineage:

Tracks 01-13: Cassette transferred to CDR by Artery.
Tracks 01-17: Original transfer to WAV and torrent by BriggY.
Remastered & Re-encoded by JWB.

Remastering Notes
Volume normalized
Clicks removed by hand
Some dropouts fixed
Corrected to true mono
Announcer between tracks 05 & 06 removed, crossfaded back together
Dead space after Track 13 removed
Fade-ins and fade-outs un-done so tracks start and end at full volume (Tracks 14-17)
Speed correction (Tracks 14-17)
There was no compression or noise reduction done to these recordings by me, however, it sounds like there was some noise reduction already present on Tracks 14-17.

Thanks to Artery and BriggY for making the raw material available!

Please do not sell or transfer to MP3!





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