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Nirvana - Melbourne ´The Palace´ 1992 (2 CD) (preFM)

**Remastered** by thir13en

The Palace
Melbourne, AU

Big thanks to Redwhite for this, a nice crystal clear pFm source of the boys in the start of "the year punk broke". Still able to play "SLTS" with enthusiasm, and a host of other favorites from Nevermind and Bleach.

The source was typical pFM; thin,light and bright. So it got beefed quite a bit and maximized. Sounds big, raucous, the way I think they should sound.

Note: Just a reminder, I do these remasters for myself and I share because there's a bunch of good people around here who are interested in hearing them, plus it's a nice thing to do. Nothing more to it than that. If you don't like it, don't download it. Simple.

01 Aneurysm
02 Drain You
03 School
04 Sliver
05 About A Girl
06 Come As You Are
07 Lithium
08 Breed
09 Polly
10 Lounge Act
11 In Bloom
12 Love Buzz
13 Smells Like Teen Spirit
14 Negative Creep
15 On A Plain
16 Blew


SBD #1

Complete pre-FM soundboard recording.

This is the "trading circle version", rated "10.0" by



There are two sets of commercial releases of this show: complete pre-FM soundboard sources and differently mixed, incomplete, post-FM soundboard recordings.

'Melbourne 1992' is a complete pre-FM soundboard recording. This disc is plagued with pressing/digital errors. The bootleg 'In A Land Far Far Away', also sourced
from the complete pre-FM recording, is free of these errors. However, both discs should be avoided as they are sourced from the trading circle version. Audiophiles
are thus recommended to pick up the trading circle version, rather than bootleg versions of this complete pre-FM source.

The post-FM commercial releases, however, are valuable to the audiophile because they are differently mixed to the pre-FM version and the best sounding versions are
only available on bootleg releases. The best sounding commercial release of the post-FM source is 'Mindblower' (although it runs slow, plus 2nd pressings of thise bootleg
have one second gaps between some of the songs), but the show can also be found on other bootlegs in lower quality.
In order of best quality first after Mindblower, these bootlegs are: 'Territorial Possession' (cloned from the 1st pressing of 'Mindblower'), 'Put The Money Down' (runs at correct speed)
and 'Saturday Night Sonic Attack' (correct speed, but thin sounding and distorted). All commercial releases of this source are incomplete. More complete post-FM versions (with additional
radio banter) are available in trading circles, but bootleg releases sound better.

A special thanks to Tim Bucknall's extensive research into sources of this show.





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