Donnerstag, 14. August 2008

The Cure - ´Glastonbury 1986´ (preFM)

The Cure
Pilton - Worthy Farm (England) 'Glastonbury Festival'

BBC Transcription Services-In Concert 393

Pre-Fm LP > Cas > Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox 3 > Cdwav > Flac

01. BBC Intro (:46)
02. Primary (3:35)
03. Charlotte Sometimes (4:08)
04. A Strange Day (4:34)
05. Kyoto Song
06. In Between Days (3:10)
07. The Walk (3:30)
08. A Night Like This (4:38)
09. Push (4:24)
10. A Forest (9:36)
11. Sinking (6:05)
12. Close To Me (3:50)
13. Let's Go To Bed (3:16)

Back In The Early 90's I Had A Friend That Was A Record Broker.He Had This album(Yes Album!!).It Was Labeled BBC Trancription Disc,
The Cure- Glastonbury 1986. I Taped This Onto Cassette At That Time.
It Is Basically The Album They Would Play In The Radio Station For The BBC Broadcast. The Sound Quality Is Perfect.






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