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Nirvana - BBC Sessions (JWB REMASTER) (preFM)

BBC Sessions
01 Love Buzz
02 Spank Thru
03 About A Girl
04 Polly
05 Molly's Lips
06 Son Of A Gun
07 Turnaround
08 D-7
09 Aneurysm
10 Been A Son
11 Something In The Way
12 (New Wave) Polly
13 Dumb
14 Drain You
15 Endless Nameless


Kurt Cobain - Guitar/Vocals
Krist Novoselic - Bass
Chad Channing - Drums (Tracks 1-4)
Dave Grohl - Drums (Tracks 5-15)


TRACKS 01-04:
"The John Peel Show"
Maida Vale Studio 5, London
Recorded October 26, 1989
Brodcast November 22, 1989
Produced by Dale Griffin
Engineered by Ted de Bono

TRACKS 05-08:
"The John Peel Show"
Maida Vale Studio 3, London
Recorded October 21, 1990
Broadcast November 3, 1990
Produced by Dale Griffin
Engineered by Mike Engles & Fred Kay

TRACKS 09-12:
"Mark Goodier's Evening Session"
Maida Vale Studio 4, London
Recorded November 9, 1991
Broadcast November 18, 1991
Produced by Miti Adhikari
Engineered by John Taylor

TRACKS 13-15:
"The John Peel Show"
Maida Vale Studio 4 & 5, London
Recorded September 3, 1991
Broadcast November 3, 1991
Produced by Dale Griffin
Engineered by Mike Engles & Fred Kay


Remastered by JWB from a PRE-FM DAT source.






dave hat gesagt…

Thanks for this!

Definitely, one of the best sounding bootlegs I have ever downloaded, besides no dynamic range compression has been applied.

Thanks for your efforts in upload all these concerts.

Cheers from Argentina!

CeArt hat gesagt…

Hi Dave!

Thanks for your words!

I try to do my very best just to offer the best sounding sources available.

By the way: Thanks to all the tapers making these wonderful releases possible!


sIR bILLY hat gesagt…

Many thanks for this, also the immaculate Chris Whitley in Hamburg '98 which I got somewhere else but remembered the password. As the other poster said, thanks for your efforts.

CeArt hat gesagt…


All of you are very welcome!



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Larsss hat gesagt…

PLZ reupload this bootlegs.Thanks!