Sonntag, 24. August 2008

Monster Magnet - Live Video 1995-08-19 Cologne - Bizarre Festival Pro-Shot (DVD)

Monster Magnet 08-19-1995 Bizarre Festival, Cologne, Germany Pro-shot, PAL

This is an upgrade PAL version (better sound and picture quality).

received in trade, linage unknown
I don't know how to upload screen shots, this is a great quality pro-shot
menues: yes
artwork: yes

video codec: MPEG2
resolution: 720x576
frame rate: 27.360
bit rate: 7380 kbps
format: PAL
aspect: 4:3

audio codec: AC3
bit rate: 320 kb/s

01) Snake Dance
02) Twin Earth
03) Nod Scene
04) Dopes To Infinity
05) Orb 06) Blow 'em Off
07) Face Down
08) Negasonic Teenage Warhead
09) Evil
10) Third Alternative






Anonym hat gesagt…

THANK YOU!!!!!!! DANKE!!!!!

GREGODIO hat gesagt…

thank you.great work