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Moonsorrow - Metsa (Demo) (1997) (Master, not re-release!)

Studio Demo

Recorded in Candle, May 1997
Mixed and mastered by Henri Sorvali

Original version - MASTER files
Layout and art design by Ville Sorvali (altered by Gogsi)

Transfer: CD-R -> EAC v0.95 (secure mode)
-> FLAC Frontend 1.7.1 (level8, verify, align on sector boundaries)

01. Jo Pimeys Saa
02. Fimbulvetr Frost
03. Hvergelmir/Elivagar (Pakanavedet)
Total Time: 19:09

Henri Urponpoika Sorvali
guitars, keyboards, drum programming, mouth harp
Ville Seponpoika Sorvali

This is the original version of the demo and NOT the internet reissue which was available
on the official Moonsorrow page for a few weeks in 2002. Nevertheless this is LOSSLESS,
contrary to the internet reissue, which was in mp3...
The demo was released only in 215 copies (I am lucky enough to own an original copy of this
masterpiece, attached few pictures...)
However this is NOT a cassette transfer, but the original MASTER files I got directly from
Mr. Seponpoika himself.
The artwork made by Ville for the reissue I just altered it in and there.
(I just removed some infos about the remastering process...)

FLAC fingerprints:
01. Jo Pimeys Saa.flac:c0901e82b7b8c9478c40ca19fd3fc89a
02. Fimbulvetr Frost.flac:96b9a63d3111d65724e61780243b60df
03. Hvergelmir - Elivagar (Pakanavedet).flac:2bfa19c2307356b88acdd9e6cdde9a19

* This CD is not for sale, and was made by the fans, for the fans! *
********** Do not convert to mp3 or other lossy format!!! **********
********** Support the artist: **********





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