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Pink Floyd - The Syd Barrett Tapes

The Syd Barrett Tapes

01 Lucy Leave (Demo)
02 I'm A King Bee (Demo)
Recorded Summer 1965
@ unknown studio, possibly Regent Sound, London

03 Interstellar Overdrive (Demo)
Recorded October 31, 1966
@ Thompson Private Recording Studios, Hempstead

04 Candy And A Currant Bun (Alternate Mix)
Recorded January 29, 1967
@ Sound Techniques, London

05 See Emily Play (Alternate Mix)
Recorded May 21, 1967
@ Sound Techniques, London

06 Astronomy Domine (BBC TV)
Recorded May 14, 1967
@ BBC's "Look Of The Week"

07 Scream Thy Last Scream (Studio Outtake)
Recorded August 7, 1967
@ EMI Abbey Road Studios, London

08 Vegetable Man (Studio Outtake)
Recorded October 9, 1967
@ De Lane Lea Studios, London

09 No Title (Studio Outtake)
Recorded September 4, 1967
@ Sound Techniques, London

10 The Gnome (BBC Radio)
11 Matilda Mother (BBC Radio)
12 The Scarecrow (BBC Radio)
13 Flaming (BBC Radio)
14 Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (BBC Radio)
15 Reaction In G (BBC Radio)
Recorded September 25, 1967
@ BBC Playhouse Theatre, London

16 Vegetable Man (BBC Radio)
17 Scream Thy Last Scream (BBC Radio)
18 Jugband Blues (BBC Radio)
19 Pow R Toc H (BBC Radio)
Recorded December 20, 1967
@ BBC Maida Vale 4 Studios, London

20 CBC Interview with Interstellar Overdrive
Interview Recorded December 1966 @ CBC Studios, London
Interstellar Overdrive Recorded in 1966 @ unknown location


This set was compiled from the best available sources. Fan-made mutli-disc sets such as "Have You Got It Yet" were not used. These sets tend to be over-processed for mass consumption. This set is mastered from an audiophile standpoint. Mono material appears in true mono and not re-processed stereo. There was no additional echo or ambience added. Noise reduction was not used on any material. Hiss was often reduced with judicious equalization. I have tried to present the best sonic experience possible without compromising the integrity of the source material at hand. If you need just one consise Syd Barrett bootleg in your collection, then this would be the one.


Compiled and Remastered by needledrop
Artwork by Bartsled and CeArt (Disc)
Source material provided by Chris, an avid Syd collector and audiophile
Dates and archival info from the book "Random Precision" by David Parker






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