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Radiohead - Glastonbury 1997 (SBD) (2 CD)

June 28, 1997
Glastonbury Festival
Pilton, UK

Source (Disc 1, tracks 1-3): BBC Transcription Services "In Concert" CD > CDR(?) > SHN > WAV > * (see notes) > FLAC
Source (Rest of show): SBD > EMI Promo Cassette > WAV > CDR > SHN > WAV > * (see notes) > FLAC

Disc 1:
01 Lucky
02 My Iron Lung
03 Airbag
04 Planet Telex
05 Exit Music (For A Film)
06 The Bends
07 (Nice Dream)
08 Paranoid Android
09 Karma Police
10 Creep
11 Climbing Up The Walls
12 No Surprises

Disc 2:
01 Talk Show Host
02 Bones
03 Just
04 Fake Plastic Trees
05 You
06 The Tourist
07 High & Dry
08 Street Spirit



This show has circulated from a few different sources, and sometimes in incomplete form. This particular source supplies most of the show from the EMI promo cassette. The only problem with the EMI promo is that it didn't include the first three tracks of the show... "Lucky," "My Iron Lung," or "Airbag."

When I received this show in SHN format the BBC sourced tracks were in one folder, and the EMI sourced tracks in another. If you were to simply take the BBC tracks and place them before the EMI tracks you were left with a sloppy transition (the end of the BBC source seemed to cut out abruptly, and didn't flow smoothly into the EMI source).

What I have done here is basically taken the last track of the BBC source ("Lucky" and crossfaded it with the first track from the EMI source ("Planet Telex". What you're left with is a very smooth transition from one source to the other, giving the impression that this is a complete show taken from a single source.

The only other issue that existed with this show was that there was some slight static/crackling on the BBC source (maybe this is why it wasn't used for the entire show). I have taken the BBC source and ran it through GoldWave's Pop/Click Filter, and this issue has been slightly improved. Before I used the filter you could hear the static a little bit, now you can only hear it if you're looking for it, either way, it's barely noticeable and doesn't interfere with the listening experiendce.

The overall volume and mix of each source seemed to be about the same, so no further adjustments werre made.

I encoded the files to FLAC (level 8) with Trader's Little Helper, and also corrected the SBE's (which were most likely a result of my edits). I have included the original text files that I received with each source, and also "before" and "after" samples of the transtion edits that I made between d1t03-d1t04.







gAbO - Gabriel.- hat gesagt…

hey te re agradece tu super aporte...
La verdad que Glastonbury del 97 es lo mejor lejos...


Anonym hat gesagt…


I'm wondering how do I access your radiohead glastonbury bootleg on rapidshare?

When appears is a free user vs premium user page and when I click on free user, it says that I'm already downloading the file when I'm not.

Really confused here. Hope you can help!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hm, sorry. No idea of this problem. Seems to be a thing between you and RS ;-) Sorry, that im not able to help!

Anonym hat gesagt…

you are a champion