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The Presidents Of The United States Of America - Crocodile Cafe (1994-05-04) (Aud) (CeRem)

The Presidents of the United States of America
Crocodile Cafe
Seattle, WA 5-4-94
recording: Sony WM-D3, stock mic > TDK SA-90
Transfer: Nakamichi CR-1A > Peak > FLAC > you
Uncirculated master
recorded & upped by geech
remastered by CE

Opening for Kevn & Mickel Kinney & Peter Buck.

...I was suspecting that the opening band may be r.e.m. performing under one of their pseudonyms (e.g., Hornets Attack Victor Mature)
because really, who would name a band the Presidents of the United States of America?
I was ready to roll tape if I recognized anyone getting on stage.
Out came Jason Finn (being a Love Battery fan, I recognized him instantly) and I got ready to record...

And I am really, really, REALLY glad I did. Christ, how could you not love these guys?
What a score to stumble upon and have the extra tapes at the ready!
I went back to Portland and started spreading the gospel of the Presidents to anyone who would listen.
I've got a few other early shows to digitize as well, 1 more from '94 and 1 from '95.
From what I understand from Zeke, this is the earliest Presidents show in circulation.

enjoy, it rocks, and is quite funny to boot. Go figure. If you can't appreciate the Presidents, then your fun muscle is seriously atrophied.

01 TV Eye
02 Boll Weevil
03 Body
04 Lunatic To Love
05 Confusion
06 Tremolo Blues
07 Kitty
08 Fuck California
09 Nasty Masty
10 Little Indian Princess
11 Stranger
12 Naked And Famous
13 Candy Cigarette
14 Puffy Little Shoes
15 Carolines Booty
16 Were Not Gonna Make It


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