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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Wild Rose On The Mercy Seat (1996-08-17) (ProShot) (CeRem) (DVD5)

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
17th August 1996
Bizarre Festival
Cologne, Germany

Original Info:

# Tracks:
01 Brother, My Cup Is Empty
02 Loverman
03 Mercy
04 Your Funeral My Trial
05 Where The Wild Roses Grow
06 The Weeping Song
07 The Mercy Seat
08 Nobody's Baby Now
09 Jack The Ripper

# Technical information:
Author: Unknown
Source: TV broadcast
Duration: 0:44:10
Lineage: DVDR -> DVD Decrypter -> Torrent -> Dime

Video details: 9548 Kbps, 25.0 B/s, 720*576 (4:3), MPG2

Audio details: 256 Kbps, 48000 Hz, 2 Kanäle, AC3 DVM

# Additional information:
I remember that the presenter of the TV show that recorded and broadcasted this concert reported
that Nick Cave didn’t want to broadcast some songs, because their performances sucked in his opinion.

Have fun!


Remaster Info:

The original DVD i downloaded here had insufficient info. (See above). I would say (99% sure) it was first a VHS source,
the picture quality in combination with the bitrate let me think so.

The Audio quality is ok in original, but not my kind of style. So i decided to give it a slight remaster.

Nothing more is done then a boost to mids and highs in combination with a puncher and a bit volume boost.

No reencoding. The remastered Audio is the with the higher volume. I say that, because on my burned DVD it is track one (as
written on the cover), but on my HDD playing with VLC it is track two.

Have fun again ;-)


Remastered by CE 2008


[ MB Splits]





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