Donnerstag, 20. November 2008

Leonard Cohen - I Didn´t Come Here To Oberhausen Just To Fool You (2008-11-02) (Aud) (3CD)

Leonard Cohen & band

Recorded live 02.11.2008 Oberhausen

Lineage: SP-CMC8 -> Visivox preamp -> Iriver 120 -> Adobe Audition -> Flac level8 -> you


CD 1
Dance me to the end of love
The Future
Ain't no cure for love
Bird on the wire
Everybody knows
In my secret life
Who by fire
Hey, that's no way to say good bye
Heart with no Companion

CD 2
Tower of song
Gypsy wife
The Partisan
Boogie Street
I'm your man
Take this waltz

CD 3
So long, Marianne
First we take Manhattan
Famous Blue Raincoat
If it be your will
Closing time
I tried to leave you
Whither thou goest

Great show with great sound. The latter is rather unusual for this Arena, but not this time. The recording turned out accordingly.
Stunning sound!

Enjoy, let me know how you like it, trade freely, but don`t you dare sell a single note of this recording!!

A personal note:
Ever noticed the striking resemblences of Leonard Cohen and living jazz guitar legend Pat Martino? Almost like lost brothers, the two don`t look exactly alike, but are the same type of elder men.
Both share the same deep and full voice and some spark of Zen.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

This is crystal clear - many thanks!

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Ein weiterer sehr schöner Mitschnitt für 'nen alten Lenny-Fan ;=)

Best Regards from Berlin again

Anonym hat gesagt…

Damn...I want this..anyone still got this somewhere? I'm a big leonard fan.

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