Mittwoch, 26. November 2008

Fleet Foxes - Den Haag 2008 (2008-11-21) (SBD)

Fleet Foxes
Den Haag, The Netherlands
Nationale Toneel Gebouw, Stage 1
Friday, 21st. November 2008

Soundboard>XLR>Tascam DP-1>Marantz DR 6000>CDR>EAC>audacity>nero>flac
recorded by pavemalk

Disc: 68:04 min.
01. Intro / Tuning
02. Sun Giant
03. Sun lt Rises
04. Drops in the River
05. English House
06. White Winter Hymnal
07. Ragged Wood
08. Your Protector
09. Crayon Angels (Judee Sill Cover) (Robin solo)
10. Oliver James (Robin solo)
11. He Doesn't Know Why
12. Mykonos
13. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song (Robin with two unknown girls)
14. Blue Ridge Mountains
15. Outro

16. ???
17. Sun Giant
18. English House

Huge THANX to Robin and the band and their fantastic soundman (sorry, i forgot his name,
may someone can help me)

Please buy their CD, the best you can get in 2008!!!


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Cuddlybear hat gesagt…

Dear CeArt, I downloaded thi stunning gig from another website.

However, I wanted to thank you as the password provided brought me here.

Thank you for your kindness.

Michael ( Northern Ireland )

Sunday 3rd May 2009 20.00pm

CeArt hat gesagt…

Thank you! That´s nice to hear! Cheers, Chris

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