Montag, 3. November 2008

Frank Black - Accoustic at McCabes Guitar Shop (1996-09-21) (Aud) (CeRem) (2CD)

Frank Black
McCabes Guitar Shop, Santa Monica

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101. old black dawning
102. abstract plain
103. pray a little faster
104. los angeles
105. pure denizen
106. 666
107. adda lee
108. kicked in the taco
109. headache
110. superabound
111. shazeb andleeb
112. skeleton man
113. creature crawling
114. sir rockaby
115. don't ya rile em
116. jumping bean
117. at the end of the world
201. two reelers
202. calistan
203. i heard ramona sing
204. village of the sun
205. the vanishing spies
206. modern age
207. wave of mutilation
208. sister isabel
209. brackish boy
210. the cult of ray
211. big red
212. i don't want to hurt you
213. i could stay here forever
214. whatever happened to pong?
215. oddball
216. everybody got the beat [aborted] / dance war
217. everytime i go around here
218. punk rock city

notes: a truly epic solo acoustic sent from frank. absolutely brilliant quality throughout.


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Anonym hat gesagt…

This bootleg has all songs cut at the very beggining. Most don't get to the chorus. Sucks, but somehow the quality of what was left is awesome.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Obviously, the other commenter could not properly download the files! This is the rarest gem of an intimate performance by one of the pre-eminent geniuses in the business of writing and recording pure music.
Thank you, danke, and merci beaucoup!!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

hi,could you please, post new links,I'm a big fan of Frank
greetings from france