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The Decemberists - Knust Hamburg, NDR2 Radiokonzert (2007-02-13) (DVB-S FM)

Band Name The Decemberists
Venue Knust
City/State/Country Hamburg/-/Germany
Date 2007-february-13

Source: DVB-S
Lineage: Kathrein UFS 821 DVB-S-receiver/HD recorder => USB => Winamp disk writer plugin =>
CoolEdot Pro: normalize, cut, conversion to 44 kHz/16BIt => CD-Wav: track splitting
Taped by: -
Transfered by: VS

Bootleg Title: -
File Size: 530 MB (FLAC)
Lenght: 56 minutes

01 Radio Chatter
02 The Crane Wife 1 & 2 / The Crane Wife 3
03 We Both Go Down
04 The Engine Driver
05 O Valencia!
06 16 Military Wives
07 The Island: Come And See - The Landlord’s Daughter
08 The Island: You’ll Not Feel The Drowning / Sons & Daughters


DVB-S radio broadcast from german radio program NDR2.
No DA-conversion done at any point.


The Original Stream was mp2 @ 320 kbps. The original uploader converted this Stream to FLAC according to the rules of
Therefore this recording is shared in its flac version because a re-encoding would possibly make the stream worse.

This is NOT completely lossless!!!


[ MB Splits]




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Colbosc hat gesagt…

Nice post, nice music and love links, gonna use it because I'm fed up to see my RS links delete...

what is the best flac media player, I'm a iTunes user and always convert streams in AAC, it's not a good thing I think