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Okkervil River - The President´s Dead (2007-10-04) (SBD) (CeRemaster)

Okkervil River
Club Downunder, Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL
04 October 2007

Source: SBD > RCA > line in JB3 (44.1)
Transfer: JB3 (usb) > iMac. Tracked via Sound Studio, FLAC via xACT

Recorded by Alex Leary

One Disc

01. Plus Ones
02. No Key, No Plan
03. The Latest Toughs
04. A Girl In Port
05. A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene
06. Unless It's The Kicks
07. Black
08. So Come Back, I Am Waiting *
09. Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe > For Real
10. Westfall
11. encore call
12. E: King And A Queen
13. The President's Dead
14. John Allyn Smith Sails > Sloop John B


-- ** Will stops for chatty crowd, calls a guy on stage and talks to him.
-- Jonathan Meiburg played solo set, then Damien Jurado opened.
-- Please do not convert to MP3, unless for personal use.

Remaster Notes:

Adobe Audition 3 w/ iZotope Ozone 3.01:
*equalized tarck 02
*click removed track 04
*click removed track 10

iZopte RX:
*declipping of each track


[ MB Splits]




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