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Fury in the Slaughterhouse - ´Farewell & Goodbye´ (Cologne,Germany 2008.04.15) (FM)

Fury in the Slaugterhouse - Cologne,Germany

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A special concert from the band for german Radio Station WDR2.
This is definetly the last tour of FITS and ended
in Hannover 2008.08.30 with their last gig ever.
Today (2008.08.31) the radion staion WDR2 broadcasted
the Cologne concert and it´s a must have for all
FITS fans.
After track 02 and 04 I have to delete some traffic news
because there are some Ghostdrivers driving always at the german
highways during live broadcasts.

Kai Wingenfelder - Gesang, Bass, Chorgesang
Gero Drnek - Piano, Mandoline, Gitarre, Sax, Saz, Chorgesang
Rainer Schumann - Schlagzeug, Percussion, Chorgesang
Thorsten Wingenfelder - Gitarre, Dobro, Mandoline, Piano, Gesang, Chorgesang
Christian Decker - Bass, Sax, Chorgesang
Christof Stein-Schneider - Gitarre, Chorgesang

Set Liste:

01.Hello And Goodbye
02.Radio Orchid
03.Jericho/Then She Said
04.Milk And Honey
05.One Good Reason
06.Every Generation Got It's Own
07.When I'm Dead And Gone
08.Time To Wonder
09.Kick It Out
10.Won't Forget These Days*

* mit Wolfgang Niedecken (BAP)


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