Dienstag, 23. September 2008

Manu Chao - Politik Kills (2008-08-22) (Aud) (CeRem)

Manu Chao
August 22, 2008 - Friday
Outside Lands Festival - main stage
San Francisco CA

9 tracks - 61 minutes

1. (Intro) >
El Hoyo >
Casa Babylon >
Mama Perfecta
2. Tumba >
Mr. Bobby
3. La Primavera >
Me Gustas Tu >
Radio Bemba
4. Bienvenida A Tijuana
5. El Viento >
The Monkey
6. Rainin In Paradize >
A Cosa
7. La Vacaloca >
Infinita Tristeza
8. Dia Luna...Dia Pena
9. Volver, Volver

Nuemann KM140s > Sound Devices MP2 > Edirol R09 WAV (16/44) > CD Wave > FLAC

Notes: Dead center, fob.


Remaster Notes:

Adobe Audition/iZotope Ozone 3:

*lowered bass
*boost mids
*boost highs

theres still some distortion from the snare drums, but that is not to be filtered
without destroying some of the music.

Overall this was a really good recording, thanks to the taper!


[rapidshare.com/200 MB Splits]







Anonym hat gesagt…

The fact I leave a comment here (in Manu Chao's thread) is accidentally, since I have already download half of your presentations. The reason I wanted to leave this comment is because this is the least I can do to THANK YOU FOR YOUR GREAT JOB!!! There are times that words can't express the feelings. Once again thank you very much!

CeArt hat gesagt…

Oh, ah, thank you! *red color running my face*...

I am very happy about your words!

Thanks a lot!