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Franz Josef Degenhardt - ...spielt vor den Schmuddelkindern (1982-11-17) ( FM) (CeRem)

artist: Franz Josef Degenhardt
date: 17. November 1982
venue: Audimax Technische Hochschule
city: Aachen
state: Germany
source: FM
gen: low gen

Tracklist: total playtime 80:03

01.) Radioedit/ es denken die Leute von gestern wieder an morgen 4:54
02.) Hochzeit 3:58
03.) Ballade vom Edelweißpiraten Nevada Kid 7:09
04.) Tango du Midi 6:27
05.) Herbstlied 82 5:03
06.) Der Freundentamtam Nr.2 4:37 between cut
07.) Arbeitslosigkeit - (Umdenken, Mister, umdenken Mister) 6:07
08.) Bassano 5:06
09.) Du bist anders als die anderen 6:05
10.) Im Gonsbachtal 5:13 fade out
11.) Dialog 7:34
12.) Ballade vom verlorenen Sohn 6:45 fade in
13.) Drumherumgerede (Der Wind hat sich gedreht) 5:17
14.) Spiel nicht mit den Schmuddelkindern/Radioedit 5:47

Note: Broadcast by WDR 2 "Streng Öffentlich"
You can hear at some time some crackles. It is on the original,but not so bad.

Source: low gen/FM 0327FM

No artwork yet. Feel free to make it. Thank you.

++++++++++++Do not convert to MP3+++++++++++++++
+++++++++++Do not buy oder sell it++++++++++++++
+++++++++++the takes not from any bootleg+++++++


Remaster Notes:

- Removed tons of clicks with iZotpeRX
-> still some left
- Removed tape noise


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Unrelated to this post:

Do you have? -
MAGMA DVD 1970-1973
- Discorama, ORTF, French TV, June 29th 1970
- POP2, ORTF,French TV, November 28th 1970
- La Légende du Siecle, ORTF, French TV, February 26th 1973

Thanks for keeping things lossless.

CeArt hat gesagt…


You´re welcome! Lossless is the only way ;-).

Sad to say i have none of these which you have mentioned.

Sorry about that!