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Chris Whitley - Sendesaal 1, Bremen (2003-09-08) (FM)

Chris Whitley (2003-09-08) Sendesaal, Bremen, Germany

Source: Radio Broadcast
Sound Quality: *****
Duration: 100 min

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1. The Old Man And Me
2. Poison Girl
3. Drifting
4. Home Is Where You Get Across
5. Kick The Stones
6. Clear Blue Sky
7. Light Rain
8. She’s Alright
9. New Lost World
10. To Joy
11. Crystal Ship
12. Living With The Law
13. 4th Time Around
14. New Machine
15. Vertical desert
16. God Thing
17. Hotel Vast Horizon
18. Scrapyard Lullaby
19. Phonecall From Leavenworth
20. Serve You
21. From A Photograph
22. Shadowland
23. Well All Right
24. Velocity Girl

Musicians: Chris Whitley: Vocals, Guitar...and BOOT!!!!

All songs written by Chris Whitley except: “The Old Man And Me” by JJ Cale, “Drifting” by Jimi Hendrix, “Light Rain” by Taj Mahal, “She’s Alright” by Muddy Waters, “Crystal Ship” by The Doors, “4th Time Around” by Bob Dylan and “Well All Right” by Petty-Holly-Allison-Mouldin







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Many thanks for posting the 2 Whitley boots. A sad loss to music when he passed away..These keep it alive.
Cheers from UK

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