Dienstag, 9. September 2008

Gogol Bordello - Start Looking Purple (Bonnaroo 2008-06-14) (AUD) (CeRemaster)

Gogol Bordello
"Which Stage"
Bonnaroo Music Festival
Manchester, TN
Saturday, June 14, 2008

iRiver > wav > Audacity > wav > flac
Taped by: Anonymous
Tracked, edited, and uploaded by: the3penguins

Remaster Notes:

This was a nearly perfect recording (just as usual for bonnaroo taper...). But unfortunately the bass was a bit loud.
So i decided to lower the bass a bit and give so more kick to the drums and make the middle ranges more hearable.
Thats it. Nothing more has been done. No Noise Reduction nor Compression.

Hope you like it my way...

Lineage: Adobe Audition 3 > iZotope Ozone 3 > Flac 8

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Disc One
01. Intro 0:40
02. Ultimate 4:05
03. Not a Crime 4:25
04. I Would Never Wanna Be Young Again 3:40
05. Supertheory of Supereverything 4:15
06. Wonderlust King 4:05
07. Mishto! 7:55
08. Tribal Connection 6:25
09. 60 Revolutions 3:40
10. Forces of Victory 3:15

Disc Two
01. Eugene talks 0:30
02. American Wedding 3:50
03. Start Wearing Purple 6:20
04. Think Locally, Fuck Globally 5:55
05. Encore break 3:20
06. Alcohol 6:35
07. Undestructable Medley: Baro Foro / Sally / My Strange Uncles from Abroad / Undestructable 23:10

Show notes (from http://the3penguins.blogspot.com):
Up next was my most anticipated act of the weekend: Gogol Bordello, one of only a couple bands returning from ´07.
I had wandered by the final ten minutes of their set last year and couldn´t believe my eyes.
Since then I´ve picked up every album in preparation for another sighting. Time well spent. The gypsy punks came out in full swing,
Eugene Hütz wearing bright purple and blue with scarves, bandanas, and ties swishing all over the place.
Opening with Ultimate, they ran through one chant-along song after another, running all over the stage and joking around with each other throughout.
Several songs in the backup singers/dancers came out Ð two girls dressed wildly enough to make Hütz look downright conservative who spent most
of the rest of the show gallivanting all over the stage needling band members and crying out ai ai aiÓs. The group's main hit "Start Wearing Purple"
got the crowd fired up, but the band showed newer material like "American Wedding" and "Your Country" to be even stronger.
The audience demanded an encore, and Hütz obliged, coming out to start a solo "Alcohol" while one band member after another joined in.
And if that wasn´t enough, he and one of the girls tossed a bass drum into the audience, then climbed atop it to continue singing as Hütz
poured red wine on himself. Something you don´t see every day, and certainly helped him redeem himself after yesterdays subpar Superjam.


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