Donnerstag, 11. September 2008

Live - Secret Samadhi Concert (1997) (FM)

1997 North American Tour (various venues)
Secret Samadhi Tour

Quality : Excellent Quality
Notes: Broadcast Recording
Features Interview Segments Between Songs !

1) Intro/Interview 3:51
2) Rattlesnake 4:29
3) Freaks 4:49
4) Turn My Head 3:56
5) Heropsychodreamer/Interview 5:04
6) Operation Spirit 6:45
7) Iris 4:36
8) Graze/Interview 7:07
9) Lakini's Juice 4:56
10) Lightning Crashes 5:33
11) I Alone 8:11
12) Ghost 6:55
13) Waitress/Interview/Outro 6:21



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Matt Goodson hat gesagt…

Hi man, thanks for this show and this blog, on which I have just discovered many many cool things!! However, I cannot get the ceart-bootleg password to work for these files - so they are currently unzippable on my desktop! Can you confirm what the password is for these files, please? I get crc password fail for ceart-bootlegs. I tried re-downloading the files and got the same problem, I also took them round a friends and tried to un-rar them there incase it was my computer, but the problem persists. Any help would be mega appreciated as I loved +Live+ and would dearly love to here this recording from my favourite period of the band. Cheers ta! Matt

Matt Goodson hat gesagt…

Hi again! Just had the same prob with an Arcade Fire show I d/led from this site. I've checked and verified the files themselves and they come up as fine, clean, and uncorrupted. I had a look round the net and found another blog site that was linking to AF show and the comments on that all said that the ceart-bootlegs pass didn't work. Any ideas?

CeArt hat gesagt…


I checked this and the two AUDIO albums of Arcade Fire. All works properly for me with "ceart-bootlegs". Sorry. If it is not corrupted and all files have the correct size i can think of only one cause:

Try to type the password instead of copy + paste. If that is not the failure it can only be a corruption whilst dl´ing. But if others have the same problem, i think it´s the c+p thing...