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VA - Cambridge Folk Festival 2008 (ProDVD5Pal)

Cambridge Folk Festival 2008 and selected Later with Jools Holland PAL DVD
44th Cambridge FF took place between 31st July and 3rd August 2008, Cambridge, England
Cambridge Folk Festival broadcast on 29th August 2008 BBC4
Later with Jools Holland broadcast on BBC2
Imagined Village broadcast 14th February 2008
Devon Sproule broadcast 29th February 2008
Eliza Carthy broadcast 17th October 2008

Three shows were broadcast featuring the Cambridge Folk Festival 2008. Artists featured are Seth Lakeman, Noah and the Whale, Martha Wainwright, Devon Sproule and The Imagined Village. Bonus clips included from Later with Jools Holland are Eliza Carthy, Devon Sproule and The Imagined Village.
Different format to Cambridge than earlier years in that each half hours show features 1 or 2 artists rather than many as in previous years also more time given to interviews. The Imagined Village interviews are fascinating the others are ok but I've chaptered them so they can be skipped as required.
Some Jools Holland clips were recorded in HQ mode so have higher bit rates than the Cambridge which was in SP mode.

Total play time: 1 hr 48mins 25 secs

Audio:AC3 48000Hz 256kb/s stereo
Video:16:9 PAL, 720 x 576, MPEG-2, 25fps approx 4550/7310kbps
Satellite TV > Sony RDRGX300 DVD-RW (SP mode) > PC > TMPGenC chapter/menu > DVD-R
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Chapter 1: Seth Lakeman and Noah and the Whale 28m50s
1. Introduction Mark Radcliffe 0.50s
2. Solomon Browne 2m32s
3. Blood red Sky 3m21s
4. Interview with Seth 3m11s
5. The Hurlers - Seth solo on festival grounds
6. Interview with Sean Lakeman
7. Poor Man's Heaven
8. Interview with Noah and the Whale
9. 5 Years Time - Noah and the Whale
10. Mark Radcliffe AGAIN
11. Kitty Jay - Seth solo on stage

Chapter 2: Martha Wainwright and Devon Sproule 28m54s
1. Comin' Tonight 4m00s
2. Bleeding All Over You 3m41s
3. Interview with Martha 1m31s
4. Jesus and Mary - Martha solo in festival grounds 3m14s
5. More interview 1m22s
6. Factory 3m48s
7. Interview with Devon Sproule 1m57s
8. Plea For A Good Nights Sleep - Devon Sproule 5m27s
9. Mark Radcliffe AGAIN o.31s
10. You Cheated Me 3m23s

Chapter 3: The Imagined Village 29m15s
1. Introduction Mark Radcliffe 0.59s
2. Cold Hailey Rainy Night 4m51s
3. Interview with Simon Emmerson, Martin Carthy, Billy Bragg, Andy Gangadeen, Eliza Carthy and Benjamin Zephaniah and excerpt of "Scarborough Fair" 5m49s
4. Tam Lyn Retold 8m35s
5. Interview with Simon Emmerson, Billy Bragg and Martin Carthy 4m58s
6. Hard Times of England Retold 4m03s

Chapter 4: selected clips from Later with Jools Holland 21m26s
1. Eliza Carthy - Like I care (Wings) 17th Oct 2008 3m30s
2. Eliza Carthy - Two Tears 17th October 2008 4m19s
3. Devon Sproule - Old Virginia Block 29th Feb 2008 3m18s
4. Devon Sproule - Stop By Anytime 29th Feb 2008 3m53s
5. The Imagined Village - Cold Hailey Rainy Night 15th Feb 2008 6m25s

Basic artwork for standard DVD case is included.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Nice of you to upload these. I downloaded pt (Devon Sproule/Martha Wainright) only to discover that if I want to unpack the zip file I need all the other parts. This is a really annoying thing, and makes accessing the music time-consuming and frustrating. Why do all the downloads have to be part of one huge volume? Why not post individual performances as separate files. be Thanks, but I won't be downloading the rest. What a shame.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Ehm, this is a dvd, no single tracks...