Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2009

Ton Steine Scherben - Hamburg Markthalle 1982 (1982-02-13) (ProshotDVD5Pal) (CeREm)


Hamburg, Germany

Lineage: German TV-broadcast ("Rockpalast" / re-broadcast in 2000 on N3, via satellite)
> Master-VHS > Targa DRV-5200x (VCR/DVDR-Combi) > DVD+R > HDD > TTD


Tracklist (01:03:00 hrs):

01 Intro / Jenseits von Eden
02 Ich will nicht werden, was mein Alter ist
03 Durch die Wüste
04 ( - intermission I (Albrecht Metzger) - )
05 Halt Dich an Deiner Liebe fest
06 Kleine Freuden
07 Der Traum ist aus
08 Wir müssen hier raus
09 Rauch-Haus-Song
10 Allein machen sie Dich ein
11 Keine Macht für niemand
12 Der Turm stürzt ein
13 ( - intermission II (Albrecht Metzger) - )
14 Irrenanstalt
15 Wenn die Nacht am tiefsten
16 ( - outro - )


Video Attributes:

Video compression mode: MPEG-2
TV system: PAL
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Source picture resolution: 720x576
Frame Rate: 25.000
Bitrate: 9187 kbps

Audio Attributes:

Audio Coding mode: AC3
Sampling Rate: 48000 Hz
Number of Audio channels: 2.0
Bitrate: 256 Kbps
Number of Audio streams: 1


Transferred, prepared, encoded and uploaded by uninvited94 (ak9411 on Zomb).

Do not encode to lossy formats (VCD etc.) except for your personal use.

Do not alter this set of files before uploading on trackers or trading it.

Do not sell this recording.


"Re"mastered by CE 2009-01-26

VIDEO_TS>DGIndex>Wavelab 5 (Audio)>Adobe Encore CS4 (Video/Authoring)

Remastered audio is Track 01, original audio Track 02.

Reauthored with chapters and menus.

Because the taper did the transfer via s/a dvd-burner, i decided to reencode the video.

S/a Burner use standard 9000+ bitrate. This is often incompatible to normal dvd players or software players.
So i decided to reencode with 8000 CBR, highest quality preset and i think the picture looks well, but don´t forget
that the original source is VHS and that there never will be quality improvement...

Artwork included.

Let Rios spirit be alive!



[ MB Splits]


incl. .dlc, .ccf, .rsdf




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Der Traum ist aus is my favorite track. the lyrics make me feel like in other universe, I don't know it's something difficult to describe.

WF203 hat gesagt…

could you reupload it? the links are broken