Dienstag, 6. Januar 2009

Snow Patrol - Schiller Theater (2008-11-10) (FM)

Schiller Theater, Berlin, GER
10. Nov. 2008

01. Intro
02. If There's A Rocket
03. Chocolate
04. Photos
05. How To Be Dead
06. Chasing Cars
07. The Golden Floor
08. Shut Your eyes
09. Crack The Shutters
10. Spitting Games
11. Storm
12. Run

approx. 54 mins

Recording Info:
recorded by SW, seeded by Vortex242
MaCD > Adobe Audition (cda-wav) > CDwave (tracking)
> FLAC frontend (level 6, verify, with align on sector boundaries)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Could you upload it again PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

CeArt hat gesagt…

Sure, gimme few days!

CeArt hat gesagt…

Back online...

Goofy hat gesagt…

Worked like a charm, I did need some time to figure out how it works, but thank you so much for this upload. Really appreciate it!