Samstag, 3. Januar 2009

Levellers - Sheffield ´95 (1995-12-18) (FM)

The Levellers
Sheffield Arena
Sheffield, United Kingdom
1995 December 18th

analog FM - tape(s) - pc - editing - cue sheet - cuesplitter - flac8 - md5 - you -
(no artwork, taper me)

01 One Way
02 15 Years
03 Leave This Town
04 Hope St.
05 Sell Out
06 The Game
07 The Road
08 Fantasy
09 England My Home
10 Battle Of The Beanfield
11 The Riverflow
12 Just The One
13 Liberty Song

removed : nothing
faded : no
cut in/out : no
Info : The last two songs are from the same concert but from a different broadcast,
because of the different output level from the radio station and to match with the
other songs I put up their level a bit. enjoy anyway.


[ MB Splits]


incl. .dlc, .ccf, .rsdf



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Prine hat gesagt…

Nice show, a bit too much bass, though, unless you play it loud. But thanks for an otherwise perfect show!