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Matisyahu - Warfield 2008 (2008-11-23) (Aud) (HD2DVD) (2x DVD5)

Warfield Theater
San Francisco, CA.
November 23rd 2008.
DINC Studio SF #19.

Video: Shot in HD with a Sony HVR-V1U on a monopod directly behind and above the soundboard. Shot by Drock for DINC Studio SF.

Audio: Beyerdynamic MC930 > Edirol R4 (Busman W-mod) @ 24/48
Converted to 16/48 for DVD
Taped by: Todd Fleisher

DVD: Set 1 7.2CBR Mpeg2, Set 2 7.7CBR Mpeg2, 16/48 PCM Audio.

Video and audio quality are excellent.

Youtube -
Smash Lies -
King W/Out A Crown -

Vimeo in HD Ð
Smash Lies -
King W/Out A Crown -

Set List:
DVD 1 Set 1 TRT 70 Min.
01 Heights
02 Struggla
03 Close My Eyes w/Mackenzie Roberts from Flobots
04 Jerusalem
05 Smash Lies w/Nosson Zand rap
06 Lord Raise Me Up
07 Beat Box
08 King W/Out A Crown

DVD 2 Set 2 TRT 60 Min.
01 WP
02 Chop Em Down
03 I Will Be Light
04 Youth
05 Escape
06 Exaltation
07 Encore: Thunder

Feel free to seed this anywhere but please do not alter this info file or the MD5 files. It makes it impossible for anyone else to truly seed if you do.

Enjoy. Contact dincstudiosf (at) gmail (dot) com

Drock 12/23/08


[ MB Splits]


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holaaaaa oye que buen aporte muchas gracias pero los links 26, 28 y 34 estan dañados o los archivos no dscargan bien sale error y el segundo dvd no funciona te agradeceria si los resubieras grax!!!

rastael hat gesagt…

Repost please ?

Thanks for this concert.