Freitag, 12. Dezember 2008

The Pixies - Live In Concert 1991 (1991-06-26) (ProShot Pal DVD5) (CeRem)

Brixton Academy


Remastered by CE 2008


Lineage: TV > VID(1) > DVDR > TMPGEnc (to add chapters and menu) > VIDEO_TS > me
Remaster: dgindex (demux) > izotope RX (denoise) > wavelab (paragraphic equalizer) > encore cs 3 (menu and chapters) > VIDEO_TS > you

01. Intro
02. Rock Music
03. Debaser
04. River Euphrates xx
05. The Happening
06. Allison
07. Velouria
08. Into The White
09. Bone Machine
10. Gouge Away
11. Hang Wire
12. I Bleed
13. Is She Weird
14. Letter To Memphis
15. Palace Of The Brine
16. Planet Of Sound
17. Where Is My Mind?
18. The Holiday Song
19. Break My Body
20. Blown Away
21. Here Comes Your Man
22. Subbacultcha
23. Mr Grieves
24. Trompe Le Monde
25. The Sad Punk
26. Monkey Gone To Heaven
27. Motorway To Roswell
28. Vamos
29. Head On
30. Tame

This is a PAL Pro-Shot recording made for Japanese TV.
It is shot with 7 cameras, and Joey's brother Bob Santiago appears as 3rd guitarist on all tracks after Letter To Memphis.

Remaster Notes:

On this DVD are both tracks, the original (02) and the remastered (01). Enjoy!

And thanks to the taper and original seeder!


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Anonym hat gesagt…

have you considered doing a version of the pixies brixton dvd with another audio track of the audience recording which recently surfaced on dimeadozen?
i was the original uploader for this dvd and i would personally love to hear the audience synched up as well!

CeArt hat gesagt…

Hm, this seems to be a very nice idea. But i´m not sure if my ability is good enough to do a synch of an audience recording, but i will try when dime is back online.

On the other side the audience recording has to be in AC3 after synch to meet the specs of a DVD 5, i think.

But all that will only be possible in the next year, cause from sunday on i´m on vacation...



CeArt hat gesagt…

Ok, found the audience, load it and will see ;-)

Anonym hat gesagt…

well thanks for having a go.
i look forward to the results...

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hey There ... Are the links dead? I click on the icons (in both hosters) but nothing happens. Could someone please check and post if they are alive? If they are dead, might someone please re-post? Thanks so much!

CeArt hat gesagt…

The links work. Please allow pop-ups and JavaScript must be enabled in your browser.

DANIELdeCHILE hat gesagt…

please Help! the rapidshare 16 part is dead!.................

CeArt hat gesagt…

It works fine for me...

DANIELdeCHILE hat gesagt…

rapidshare 16 part problem...

"Your IP address 200.104.2xx.xx is already downloading a file. Please wait until the download is completed.


Anonym hat gesagt…

You see what the problem is: you´re already downloading. You can only load part at a time as free user...

DANIELdeCHILE hat gesagt…

try download this file and see the error.. please

DANIELdeCHILE hat gesagt…

No se si fue usted o Rapidshare pero ya esta reparado el link para la descarga GRACIAS!!!

LINK OK!!!!!

CeArt hat gesagt…

Nice to hear that!

Neurozepam hat gesagt…

please upload again!!!!