Montag, 8. Dezember 2008

Lee Scratch Perry - His Scratchness (2008-08-25) (Aud) (CeRem) (2 CD)

Lee "Scratch" Perry
Majestic Theatre
Madison, WI, USA
Monday August 25, 2008

audience recording

Disc 1 (40:25.63)
1. Crowd
2. Kaya
3. Introducing Myself
4. Secret Laboratory
5. Jungle Safari
6. Jah Live

Disc 2 (61:49.42)
1. Sun Is Shining
2. God Save His King (new song)
3. Pum Pum (new song)
4. I Am A Madman
5. De Devil Dead
6. Encore Break
7. To Be A Lover (Have Some Mercy)
8. Roast Fish & Cornbread
9. FRP Spin
10. Signout

Drums: Jah Boogie
Keys: Aaron Konkol
Bass: Nick Moran
Gtr: Biff B.


Remastered by CE 2008



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Anonym hat gesagt…

this is just a pain in the arse why do you blog if you dont want people to dl from your blog? its not funny/clever/just pointless,i blog to share all the music i have not to fuck peoples head in with links you cant dl only if you have right software ??

CeArt hat gesagt…

Calm down, man^^

Hundreds, thousands can without... But some people are obviously not able to handle their browser...

If you can´t get the links it is either that you have (in any way) java script disabsled or that a pop up is blocked.

That depends on the problem: If you can click on a field at secured but no links appears - its a pop up problem, if you can´t click - javascript.

I also had plain links here before, but they were abused often and i do not have time and interest to reupp between 300 und 7000 MB per post with 95 kbps upstream. I think that is understandable. Since secured: No abusing of encrypted links. So sorry, for your pain - but it´s your browser that makes it - not me.

JDownloader is just a tip. It makes your rapidshare life easier - not only with my links, with all. But why don´t people try to fix their problem before being so aggresive on me?