Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2008

Beirut - Portland Holocene (2006-10-18) (-MTRX- 13)

Portland OR

*Produced* by thir13en
Both sources recorded by yltfan

check the band out at:

This show really amazed me. Such wordly, old-sounding music, coming from such young musicians.
The room was pretty small, and the crowd was very enthusiastic. Thanks to the band, the club, and to Andrew,
who hooked me up with this whole thing, and is wroking on producing a DVD--watch out!
And, of course, thanks to thir13en for doing a great job with the matrix. I think it sounds fabulous!

thir13en's original info file:

More from YLTfan. Grab this and thank him, you should.

This was interesting stuff. Can't say I'd listen too often, but it's really cool music.
So I go to their website to see what's up, and they've cancelled the tour because
"... Zach was briefly hospitalized for extreme exhaustion."

Ouch. Well, YLTfan caught them before this unfortunate event, so check them out while you can,
in a real nice blend of sources. It's very lively with a real nice atmosphere to it.

01. (the crowd waits)
02. The Gulag Orkestar
03. Brandenburg
04. After The Curtain
05. -banter1-
06. Elephant Gun
07. Mount Wroclai
08. The Canals Of Our City
09. -banter2-
10. Postcards From Italy
11. -banter3-
12. Closing Song
13. -banter4-
14. Brazil
15. -banter5-
16. Scenic World > Ederlezi
17. -banter6-
18. Siki Siki Baba
19. encore break > band intros
20. Transatlantic

Note: Yes, I broke open a lot of banter tracks. There were many near or over one minute segments,
and it just seemed like a win-win situation if they just had their own tracks.
I can't think of a reason not to do that. (That's a nice setup for someone to argue an opposing view.)

SOURCE 1 - AUD (AKG C1000s (8' high, xy)>RCA>JB3>USB-2-WAV)
SOURCE 2 - SBD (XLR-2-RCA>iRiver H140>USB-2-WAV)
SBD-Mastered in SoundForge8>Blends mixed-mastered in Vegas7>SoundForge8 (splits)>Flac


[ MB Splits]


incl. .dlc, .ccf, .rsdf



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Tracks 16, 18 + 19 are named/tagged wrong. Tracklist above is correct.
Thanx for your work.