Montag, 1. Dezember 2008

KT Tunstall - Torontoesque (2008-05-24) (Aud) (CeRem) (2CD)

KT Tunstall
The Danforth Music Hall, Toronto ON Canada

Source: Sennheiser KE4-211-2 (Binaural) > Custom 9v Batt Box > Sony MZ-NH700 HiMD (Line-In, HiSP)

The mic configuration for this recording was a hybrid of an A/B omni split and binaural
since the mics were located near my temples as opposed to being in my ears so this ensures
greater compatibility with speakers. However, headphones are recommended to reap
the benefit of a binaural recording.
The show itself was on a special tour that was meant to recreate a bonus feature on
the special DVD edition of KT's latest record "Drastic Fantastic" where KT and her band
were playing songs from the album around a campfire and were using acoustic instruments.
So in effect, this is basically KT Tunstall unplugged.
There is a bit of crowd noise as this was a less-than-open situation
(basically KT's taping policy is don't ask, don't tell) but during the songs, the audience was fantastic.
I was seated on the far right-hand side of the room and since I used omnis, there is a bit
of boominess as the Danforth Music Hall is an old restored Vaudville theatre.
I hope you enjoy this recording just as much as I enjoyed attending the show and capturing it.

Total Time (mm:ss) - 94:46

Disc 1 (Time - 60:27)
1-01 Intro
1-02 Miniature Disasters
1-03 Little Favors
1-04 Hold On
1-05 Other Side Of The World (False Start/Tuning)
1-06 Other Side Of The World
1-07 Someday Soon
1-08 Funny Man
1-09 Paper Aeroplane
1-10 Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
1-11 Ashes
1-12 Hopeless
1-13 Under The Weather
1-14 The Beauty of Uncertainty

Disc 2 (Time - 34:21)
2-01 If Only
2-02 Saving My Face
2-03 Band Introductions
2-04 Suddenly I See
2-05 Encore Break
2-06 Universe and U (Encore)
2-07 I Want You Back (Cover) (Encore)
2-08 Stoppin' The Love


Remastered by CE 2008



izotope ozone 3>paragraphic equalizer/exciter/harmonics>
steinberg wavelab>puncher>


[ MB Splits]





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