Samstag, 25. Oktober 2008

The Police - Five Years Ago (1979-03-04 - Berkeley, CA) (pFM) (13)

**Remastered** by thir13en Productions

The Police
March 4, 1979
Zellerbach Auditorium, University of California
Berkeley, California

An awesome pFM source of an awesome early Police show.
You can feel the energy of the band, the crowd, that whole '79 scene
in this show. And it wasn't uncommon for a one-album band to repeat
the hit song at the end of the show. Cool stuff.

This saw some processing; Slight compression>channel distinct lows and mids>
a little spread>some beef and brightness from the BBE>and even more of a
boost to the sub-lows and extreme highs through the multi-band compression of
the digital maximization wonder that is called the L3.

I know it sounds like a lot, it nedded it. But it truly sounds quite awesome now.
Some song ID's were re-focused. The DJ was cut out, so the intro and outro
tracks were clipped to the beginning of the first and the end of the last song,
respectively. Also the DJ before the encore was cut and the "applause" track added to
the end of "Next To You". It'll give some distinction to this being a remaster as well.


01. Can't Stand Losing You
02. Truth Hits Everybody
03. So Lonely
04. Fall Out
05. Born In The 50's
06. Hole In My Life/ Fixing A Hole
07. Be My Girl/Sally
08. Peanuts
09. Roxanne
10. Landlord
11. Next To You
12. Can't Stand Losing You


Source: Sbd > Reel Master (KSAN PreFM) > DATs
Transfer: DAT 60ES > M-Audio Audiophile USB > WAV > Flac
DAT transfer: January 2005
Seeder: Barcode_Boy

Notes: Excellent sbd recording (A). I'm hesitant to give an A+
because it does sound a bit flat at times. No digital glitches,
cuts or flips that I could find. No hiss or distortion. Very
clean recording.

Announcer at the beginning, before the encore, and after the
last song.

For further reference:

A.K.A: "Live At Zellerbach," "I'M Next To You," "Police Hit"


[ MB Splits]





ace hat gesagt…


I think there's something that doesn't match with these files:
tracks number 5 and 6 can't be decrypted. It seems that a part of the tracks is missing in the rar files.
Could you please check that?

Thanx a lot for the blog.

ACE hat gesagt…

I found the bug and I corrected it.
Everything's alright now. It was a problem with rapidshare.

Thanx anyway

CeArt hat gesagt…

Sorry, just saw it. Luckily you found the error!