Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2008

The Dandy Warhols - 9-30 Washington (2008-09-22) (Aud) (CeRem) (2 CD)

The Dandy Warhols
9:30 Nightclub
Washington, DC
22 Sept 2008

Original seed by: su6oxone
Remaster by: CeRem

** 16-bit/44.1khz **

Source: Neumann KM184 > Denecke PS-2 > Edirol R-09 (24/44.1)
Lineage: R-09 > SoundForge 8.0 (volume/fades/bitrate) > CD Wave v1.71 (tracking) > flac v1.1.4a

Remaster: iZotope Ozone 3 > Adobe Audition > Flac8

CD 1:

01 Intro
02 Mohammed
03 We Used To Be Friends
04 Welcome To The Third World
05 Holding Me Up
06 I Love You
07 The Last High
08 All The Money Or The Simple Life Honey
09 Bohemian Like You
10 Get Off
11 Beast Of All Saints
12 Love Song

CD 2:

01 Good Morning
02 The New Country
03 And Then I Dreamt Of Yes
04 Bathroom Break
05 (You Come In) Burned
06 Now You Love Me
07 Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth
08 Godless
09 Wasp In The Lotus
10 The Legend Of The Last Of The Outlaw Truckers
11 Pete International Airport
12 Boys Better
13 Country Leaver

(special thanks to the nice girl who let me squeeze in next to her to get a more optimal
recording spot!)


Remaster Notes:

This was actual a very nice recording, but as most Audience sources it suffered from massive
bass overload.
So í lowered the bass and boosted the middle ranges. Thats it.




I do these remasters first for my own enjoyment. If you are not with remasters simply don´t grab it.


[ MB Splits]





Girl Loves Distortion hat gesagt…

Can you fix Track 15 & Track 24? The links seem to be damaged.

Thanks so much!

CeArt hat gesagt…


Sad to say to you, that it seems to be that way, that you havent dl´ed all parts correctly. I suppose the part which contains Track 15 and the last part. WinRar is a bit stupid and treats every CRC failure the same. In fact it says wrong password or track failure.

I dl´ed the whole package and extracted it without any error.