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Decemberists - Sixteen Audience Wives (2008-01-31) (CeRem) (2CD)

The Decemberists
Thursday, January 31, 2008
The Moore Theater
Seattle, Washington, USA

PC-62 --> SP-PREAMP-4 --> Gmini 402 --> USB --> Soundforge (normalising) --> CDWave --> FLAC
iZotope Ozone 3 (Parapgraphic Equalizer) --> iZotope RX (Declipper) --> Steinberg Wavelab (Leveller)


01. Oceanside
02. July, July!
03. The Soldiering Life
04. The Island
05. [The City By The Sound]
06. Yankee Bayonet
07. The Shankill Butchers
08. O, Valencia!
09. Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect/Dreams
10. [The Espionage Material]
11. The Bagman's Gambit
12. The Perfect Crime #2
13. Oh! Susanna/You Are My Sunshine
14. Tennessee Waltz
15. The Culling Of The Fold
16. Sixteen Military Wives
17. [Messages To Impart]
18. A Cautionary Song
19. Sons And Daughters
20. The Blues Run The Game
21. Don't Stop Believin'/Jesse's Girl/Your Love
22. The Mariner's Revenge Song


Remaster Notes:

This was a hard work to be done. The sixteen audience wives were very loud indeed ;-). So i declipped and levelled the screams a lot.
Sometimes this is to be heard as a shaking of the loudness. On the other hand i wanted to preserve the clapping and sing-along. So this
is a bit of a compromise between for- and background.

The music itself was very thin and high sounding. So i gave it a massive bass boost and reduced the highs.

This is still no Soundboard sound, but for me it works very well.



I do these remasters first for my own enjoyment. If you are not with remasters simply don´t grab it.


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