Freitag, 3. Oktober 2008

Beatsteaks - Vienna! (Arena Open Air, 24.08.2008) (Aud) (CeRem) (2CD)

Vienna (Austria), Arena Open Air
24th August 2008

-SP-CMC-4U (with LowSens Mod)
-SP-SPSB-6 (No BassRollOff)
-Rockboxed IRiver IHP-120
>USB 2.0
-Audition (Fade In/Out, Treble & Volume Boost, Normalizing)
-CD Wave Editor (Cutting)
-dB Poweramp (flac, Level 8)

01 Have Love Will Travel (The Sonics Cover)
02 As I Please
03 Soljanka
04 Monster
05 Big Attack
06 Hello Joe
07 Barfrau
08 Demons Galore
09 What's Coming Over You
10 Cut Off The Top (incl. West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys Cover & Bulls On Parade - RATM Cover)
11 Not Ready To Rock
12 Panic
13 Summer
14 Hip Hop DJ Sampler
15 Easy (Faith No More Cover)

16 I Don't Care As Long As You Sing
17 Hail To The Freaks
18 Jane Became Insane
19 E-G-O
20 Hey Du
21 Frieda Und Die Bomben
22 Hand In Hand
23 Soothe Me
24 Ain't Complaining
25 Atomic Love (incl. I Feel Love - Donna Summer Cover)
26 Teenage Kicks (The Undertones Cover)
27 Let Me In


REmaster Notes:

Adobe Audition/iZotope Ozone:

*lowered bass
*boost mids
*lowered highs


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