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The Mekons - BBC Sessions 1978-88 (19xx-xx-xx) (FM)


BBC Sessions 1978-1988

FM > cass? > CDR > Cool Edit Pro > CDR > Toast > AIFF > XAct > FLAC
recorder unknown
transferred by Nobby and neil d


John Peel, 1978-03-07
01 Dance and Drink the Mekons
02 Dan Dare
03 Letters in the Post
04 Where Were You
05 Lonely and Wet
06 Garden Fence of Sound

John Peel, 1979-11-19
07 I Saw You Dance (cut)
08 Watch the Film
09 After Six
10 Beetroot

Andy Kershaw, 1986-07-08
11 Hole in the Ground
12 After Six
13 I Can't Find My Money
14 The Story of Nothing

John Peel, 1987-02-10
15 Danton
16 Skid Row
17 Revenge
18 Sophie

Simon Mayo, 1988-02-24
19 Hole in the Ground
20 Fantastic Voyage
21 Oblivion
22 You Wear It Well

This is a collection of BBC studio performances by the Mekons, from their earliest years as a
"band that doesn't know how to play their instruments" to their post-Fear & Whiskey incarnation
as a country-punk-dub-unclassifiable ensemble. It was treed (remember trees?) in this form about
ten years ago by Nobby Knape, keeper of the Club Mekon mailing list; the original source was
reportedly a first-generation cassette, but neither Nobby nor I knows for sure.
A few songs had some pops, others pitch problems, so I cleaned these up a bit myself at the time
in Cool Edit Pro.

This is by no means a pristine document - a couple of songs are cut off at the start,
and there's a good bit of hiss present on most tracks - but, hey, it's the Mekons on the radio in the '70s and '80s.
Compared to, say, the "New York On the Road" official ROIR release, this is hi-fi here.

Band Info:

The Mekons are a British rock band. Formed in the late 1970s, they are one of the longest-running and most prolific of the first-wave British punk rock bands.


[ MB Splits]


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