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Kottke & Gordon - Mississippi Nights (2002-11-15) (dsbd) (2CD)

Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon
Mississippi Nights
St. Louis, MO

source: DSBD
transfer: CDR (from trade)>EAC>WAV>FLAC

Disc 1 - total time 58:48

01. tuning
02. Disco
03. Living In the Country*
04. I'm Going Back To the Old Home@
05. The Collins Missile
06. William Powell
07. talk about Leo's manager
08. Rings#
09. talk about Frizz Fuller
10. From Pizza Towers To Defeat%
11. I Can't Hang
12. Standing In My Shoes
13. Last Steam Engine Train^
14. talk about CD's early working title
15. Te Veo

Disc 2 - total time 43:06

01. tuning
02. Cripple Creek
03. talk about Clone
04. Clone
05. Middle of the Road
06. Corrina Corrina&
07. Car Carrier Blues
08. Ya Mar~
09. Encore I: Deep River Blues**
10. Encore II: Eight Miles High@@

*Pete Seeger cover
@Carter Stanley cover
#Eddie Reeves and Alex Harvey cover
%Robert "Frizz" Fuller cover
^John Fahey cover
&Mississippi John Hurt cover
~Cyril Ferguson cover
**Doc Watson cover
@@Roger McGuinn, David Crosby and Gene Clark cover

Comments: this is a super SBD of a really fun show - these two guys are obviously enjoying playing together!
As could be expected, there's lots of offbeat humor packed into the between-song banter, as well as some truly inspired jamming!

I chose to keep the track breaks that were on the discs as I received them, rather than break all the banter into separate tracks (like I usually do)

Enjoy! - Zeb


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