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Bob Marley - Natty Dread Acetate (Tuff Gong Studio Original Mix) (1974-xx-xx) (Stu)


Bob Marley & The Wailers
Natty Dread Acetate -
Tuff Gong Studio Original Mix 1974


This version of Lively Up Yourself has a verse at around 3.39 that is not in
the island offical released version. The verse is something like>

lively up your woman
when the morning, when the morning
when the,when the, when the , when the sun come

On the Island release version that section has the I-Threes singing the harmony
"Lively Up Yourself" 3 or 4 times.

Also this Tuff Gong original version does not include the I-Threes on Lively Up Yourself at all.
I have not compared other tracks side by side for differences but there may be a few or not many
at all expect the strong sounds of the needle pops on the vinyl. I tried a copy using soundforge
audio restoration and if didn't seem to remove many pops but still effected the high end trebble
in undesireable ways.

Be warned, this seems to come from an old piece of vinyl that contains pops and clicks. Get the
offical release and you will hear no signs of vinyl.

Another Classic From The Dubwise Garage Collection


Recording source: Studio

Transfer source: my cassette (Azimuth adjustment) to pc from sony D3 through SB X-Fi Audio 2400 sound card

Transfer: Sony D3 Azimuth adjustment> Jet Audio (>PCM 44,000 kHz, 16 Bit, Stereo) > CDWav > Flac Level 8



Lively Up Yourself
No Woman,No Cry
Them Belly Full
Rebel Music
So Jah Seh
Natty Dread
Bend Down Low
Talkin' Blues


[ MB Splits]


incl. .dlc, .ccf, .rsdf




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