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Matisyahu - Live at Crossroads KC (2008-06-24) (24Bit DVD-Hybrid)

June 23rd 2008
Crossroads KC- KC,MO

Source: AKG 480/ck61> Grace V3 (24b/48khz)> MicroTrack 2496
Conversion: Wavelab5 (L3+4)> .flac24
Source/Conversion: Phil@FlacMusic

Additional Lineage:

Source: --> If you just want the 24bit audiofiles, please load there!!! <--
Mastering: Wavelab5>equalizing>audition3>track joining>PhotoshopCS4/Vegas8>Video Track>EncoreCS4>Authoring
Video: Pal, 720*576 25
Audio: LPCM 24/48
Conversion: CE 2009

01 The Great Escape
02 Close My Eyes
03 Indestructible
04 Fire of Heaven>
05 Dispatch the Troops>
06 Fire of Heaven
07 Heights
08 Youth>
09 Shalom/Saalam
10 Lord Raise Me Up

01 Chop'em Down
02 I will be Light *
03 Lime Tree *
04 So Hi So Low
05 This Train Is Bound For Glory #>
06 Aish Tamid
07 Exaltation>
08 This Train Is Bound For Glory (Reprise)>
09 Late Night in Zion
10 Jerusalem

11 Warrior
12 King Without A Crown

* w/ Trevor Hall
# Woody Guthrie



I decided to make a 24Bit Disc. As most as you know, CD is limited to 16/44.1 and i didn´t want a DVD-Audio, cause most people
(including myself) have no player for this format. So what to do? Wikipedia told me, that DVD-Video Discs can also handle 24Bit
Audio streams. There are lots of One-Click solutions which create this for you, simply filling the Video Track with a black screen.

But i think that is not worth these fine recordings some people do and their effort to make them available. So i made some sort of
"digital booklet" for this tracks. I tried my very best to put the lyrics in the video, so that you can read what is been sung.
Unfortunately i could not find any lyrics for track one, but most others have them - sometimes the singing differs from the original lyrics,
but i took the original ones (as not native english speaker i´m not able to understand everything). Longer parts of instrumental are
filled with photos from this concert.

I do this first for my personal enjoyment, but i think some others are maybe interested in this. Artwork is included.

As usual: Please support the artist!

And if you just want the flac24 files, please visit the wonderful site!

CE 2009-01-31

P.s. You can burn this like a standard Video DVD and enjoy the benefits of 24Bit Audio on your Stereo/Homecinema Equipment - if it supports 24Bit Audio.


[ MB Splits]


incl. .dlc, .ccf, .rsdf



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